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the sterilization of an animal

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'Spayed or neutered strays would wear red collars with a dog licence.
There are nearly 200 new cat profiles created each month, making up 47 percent of new pet profiles, by caregivers that need financial assistance to get them spayed or neutered. More than half of these cat profiles are females, which will soon become a risk for unplanned breeding.
Zink associates with early spay/neuter continues: greater risk of hemangiosarcoma, mast cell cancer, lymphoma, and bladder cancer; higher incidence of hip dysplasia in dogs spayed or neutered at six months of age; significantly higher prevalence of cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury; heightened risk of urinary incontinence in females that are spayed early, as well as some cases in males; greater likelihood of hypothyroidism in spayed and neutered dogs; higher incidence of infectious diseases in dogs spayed and neutered at 24 weeks or less; higher incidence of adverse reactions to vaccines in altered dogs; and increased risk of prostate cancer in neutered males.
I've had many vets tell me that if I get my pets spayed or neutered and keep them indoors, they are statistically more likely to live longer.
FORMER James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has adopted a new cause - urging pet owners to have their cats and dogs spayed or neutered.
The number is rising each year despite the Coventry branch offering a free neutering scheme for cat owners who cannot afford to have their pet spayed or neutered.
With TNR, feral cats are trapped humanely and brought to clinics where they are spayed or neutered. Tame kittens and cats are placed in good homes, and the others are returned to the place they were found.
The city is working toward the no-kill goal through innovative programs designed to increase the adoption of homeless pets and the number of animals that are spayed or neutered. (Lowcost spay/neuter programs play a vital role in the success of no-kill shelters by reducing the unwanted pet supply.
The Midlands will become overrun with stray cats unless people have their kittens spayed or neutered, a Warwickshire animal lover has warned.
But Rebecca Rhodes of the Hawaiian Humane Society says the problem of strays would be solved if people had their cats spayed or neutered, so they couldn't reproduce, and didn't let them roam free for days at a time.
Both cats and dogs that are spayed or neutered have reduced incidents of certain cancers, reduced incidents of certain life-threading diseases and reduces their desire to roam.
Daniel further adds that it is a misconception that only aspin or puspin (native dogs and cats) need to be spayed or neutered. Purebreed dogs need to be fixed, as well.
"There's been good success in reducing the sale of pets at pet stores, but more education is needed to make the public aware of the need to have their pets spayed or neutered so that they don't contribute to this pet overpopulation problem."
She continued trapping cats each month until every cat visiting her yard was spayed or neutered and inoculated against rabies.
While some homeowners take it upon themselves to have their stray cats spayed or neutered, the surgeries - which can cost $40 to $70 each - can add up with a never-ending supply of strays like hers, she said.