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the sterilization of an animal

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Since then, she said, the group of about 15 volunteers have had more than 3,000 stray cats spayed or neutered.
The program is seeking volunteers to help reach its goal - and grant requirement - of 175 spayed or neutered cats this year.
Nearly 71,000 cats and dogs were spayed or neutered over the four-year period.
Under the measure that will take effect in mid-April, owners of cats and dogs will have to get their pets spayed or neutered by four months old.
If your pet is already spayed or neutered, you can still help others.
Since its inception in 2001, Second Chance has spayed or neutered 8,497 animals and treats about 150 animals a month.
To combat this taxpayer burden and overpopulation crisis, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, has introduced the California Healthy Pets Act, which would require most pets in California older than four months of age to be spayed or neutered.
It was a real hassle trying to track down people to see if they had their pet spayed or neutered," Iverson said.
Because these numbers add up to alarming totals, it is crucial that pet owners take the initiative to get their pet spayed or neutered, preventing unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, and reducing the number of pets that end up homeless or euthanized at local animal shelters.
Since the group started, it has spayed or neutered more than 8,000 cats.
But the bill, meant to combat the overpopulation of strays by requiring all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered, has also drawn fire from breeders who would have to pay to register purebred pets.
In the past, the Lane County Animal Regulation Authority has euthanized more than 2,000 cats per year, largely because so many people fail to have their pets spayed or neutered and then abandon the unwanted offspring.
Southern Animal Foundation out of New Orleans is coordinating the effort to ensure that all the animals have health certificates, rabies tags, vaccinations and micro chips and are spayed or neutered before leaving the city.
SANTA CLARITA -- Residents of Santa Clarita will be required to have their dogs spayed or neutered and implanted with identification microchips under a policy tentatively approved this week by the City Council.
It's perfectly safe to spay/neuter cats starting at eight weeks of age," Benninger said, noting that all animals are spayed or neutered before they are adopted from the shelter.