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the sterilization of an animal

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The Feline Fix, Denver's leading spay/neuter resource for free roaming "community" cats and quality affordable services for pet cats, is celebrating World Spay Day on February 27, 2018 with the opening of a much larger clinic in Commerce City.
There were statistically very significant increases in all conditions within the early spay/neuter population, with sexually intact dogs having the least problem in all but one category.
The society offers the spay/neuter surgery for cats for $30 and for dogs for $130.
We want every homeless animal that comes through our doors to have a thorough in-house vet checkup, and to receive spay/neuter surgery as quickly as possible to ensure they are ready for adoption with little delay.
While no one questions the importance of spay/neuter as a tool to stem animal overpopulation, the questions on the table are: Does one size fit all?
With participating vets, one can spay/neuter a stray cat for only $20 and dogs for only $40.
It is available by prescription and feral cat caretakers are using it to complement spay/neuter and Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) programs for feral cats.
Lowcost spay/neuter programs play a vital role in the success of no-kill shelters by reducing the unwanted pet supply.
The spaying/neutering aspect of the program has two arms: educating the public about the numbers of unwanted kittens and puppies born -- and needlessly euthanized -- each year, and helping make it more convenient for people to take responsibility for controlling their animals' reproduction by offering low-cost vouchers for spaying/neutering and, in some areas, services such as mobile spay/neuter clinics.
But as it turns out, every tax-deductible cent donated to the AFLPA goes not to New York City firefighters or Cantor Fitzgerald widows, but rather to spay/neuter programs for Missouri's dogs and cats.
Camiguin Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) is calling on Camiguinons who missed the Humane Society International (HSI) massive spay/neuter medical mission for pets early this year to signify now and be accommodated.
Our mission is to save as many animals as possible through adoption and our spay/neuter program.
The Catmobile, which offers low cost spay/neuter for cats only, is coming to the Gardner Shelter on Nov.