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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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In another, more explicitly geopolitical spatialization of catastrophic abandonment, Azoulay and Ophir (2013) record the transformation of Gaza since the second Palestinian intifada: while not relinquishing its ultimate sovereign authority to take life, Israel has abdicated its responsibilities of care for those who remain subjected to its power (see also Amir, 2013).
Figure 3 shows the zoning of the common bean crop and sowing risk classes based on WRSI spatialization for the Mato Grosso state for AWC of 75 mm.
Four stages were elaborated: Stage 1: selection of data and definition of indexes of hydro-energy performance; Stage 2: definition of cartographic data for the spatialization of WSS information; Stage 3: construction of a geo-referenced database; Stage 4: application of GIS to evaluate the performance of supply systems of the area under analysis.
Also, according to Agnew and Toal's understanding, "geopolitics is the spatialization of international politics by core powers and hegemonic states.
Quarry and Ramirez, 2012; Anderson et al, 2012); spatialization to what happens when global communication resources are used by bilateral and multilateral agencies to mediate intervention at a distance and manage international relationships in the process (Enghel, 2014); and structuration to how social relations are created through communication, particularly those derived from the governance of unequal conditions via a structure that combines competing national and international scales.
My analysis argues that a symmetry exists between microfiction's contracted spatialization, and the compression--and hence violation--of temporal norms of the reader's anticipation.
7) The spatialization of the apocalypse, a process seen in The Birds, where the text's closure is secured through the haunting image of a world overrun by birds rather than through tight narrative closure, is once again iterated in Time of the Wolf and alludes to the unfinished drama with which the film will leave the viewer.
2) Zucker picks up the spatialization of wit in the next chapter on Hyde Park which serves as a peculiarly urban green world where the aesthetic disposition discussed in the introduction can have even more room.
As a form of inventory, then, the medieval catalogue appears to omit details of spatial relation but originates in and reflects its narrator's own processes of cognitive spatialization of various sense data, also crucially encouraging the reader's subjective re-spatialization of the knowledge it contains.
Political commentator and novelist Alfredo Oriani's colonial texts (both published posthumously) Fino a Dogali (1918) and L'Ora d'Africa (1940) provide particularly interesting examples of how fantasies of geo-temporal displacement function in formulating Italian nationalist and imperialist ideologies through a temporalization of space and a spatialization of history.
The dialogue she establishes with earlier scholarship on related subjects reflects a keen and even enviable understanding of recent and contemporary studies of gender, agency and subjectivity in the context of new articulations of cultural, geographic and aesthetic notions of spatialization.
Although (as we have seen so far) Mirkwood in The Hobbit does fit nicely in the West-European fairy tale tradition with respect to its function for the plot, it is important to note that it does not adhere at all to this tradition qua spatialization, i.
Configurable technology and culture are a global phenomenon, but the spatialization of communication undoubtedly affects the flow of information, knowledge, and capital, which will constantly define the central and the marginal.
They revolve around two themes: incomplete spatialization and doing place.
The spatialization created by Gray's performative directions in his radio plays (parallel to stage directions) fosters a sense of intimacy, as we "overhear" the Mitchels in conversation within the privacy of their bedroom.