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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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TSR spatialisation gave a more detailed view of C[O.
Governing Cities: Notes on the Spatialisation of Virtue.
Within this view, despite its peculiar conditions, the case of organised food retailers in Ankara illustrates an exemplar instance within the spatialisation of capitalistic practices as emphasised by various authors (Harvey, 1985a and 1985b; Brenner and Theodore, 2002; Peck and Tickell 2008[2002]; Peck et al, 2009; Peck and Theodore, 2012).
Il permet de surcroit de saisir la spatialisation de la communaute et donc les enjeux d'echelles--du local au global--qu'elle suppose, ainsi que leurs repercussions en termes politiques.
Lash (1995) "Globalisation, modernisation and the spatialisation of social theory: an introduction'', in M Featherstone, S Lash, R Robertson (eds.
This trend coincides with the need of the economic capital to expand itself beyond its institutional boundaries, in a process of spatialisation (Curran, 2002).
Spatialisation of education; migrating languages, cultural encounters, technological turn.
Les commentaires qui ont fuse de tous bords en marge de la diffusion de la video relayant le spectacle sur Facebook en disent beaucoup sur cette volonte de reconquete de l'espace public, de spatialisation de la resistance et << d'artialisation >> de la lutte contre ce qui est percu par maints Tunisiens comme des tentatives de defiguration des paysages du pays et de ses visages, a savoir ses rues, ses places publiques, ses plages et ses modes de vie.
The idea that the different traditions of rock art depict different social relationships on Uneapa is also reflected in the spatialisation of the fourth and least common type of rock art--rectilinear rock art is only round at three sites in the Western Uneapa case study.
Cette structuration de l'espace du discours a pour consequence ideologique (et meme << epistemologique >> en un sens) une spatialisation de l'alterite : le voyageur qui ne fait que passer est condamne a une connaissance superficielle de l'Afrique et des Africains ; le romancier exotique, ebloui par la nouveaute des paysages, ne depasse pas la description toute exterieure ; seul le << vrai colonial >> (Robert Randau, ne en Algerie et << veritable Africain d'adoption >>, ou Maurice Delafosse pour lequel la France n'est qu'une << station de repos >> entre deux missions) penetre l'ame indigene et peut pretendre a la connaissance intime des cceurs et des esprits (Lebel 229-30 ; voir aussi Pujarniscle 14-17).
This spatialisation of vision also accounts for the predominance of nouns over verbs.
From my point of view there were, in turn, five aspects of the trip that brought those connections into focus: the fence around the compound and the locking of the gate; the quality of participation in the insiderness; the sensation of sitting on the edge of a socio-political vacuum; the complete dependence of the provisioning of my fieldwork on the Yaraka business project; the inversion of the apparently given spatialisation of development in the 'question' with which I opened this paper.
Neither the demographics nor the spatialisation of Britain's minority communities correspond with the approaches to wealth, class and community that emerged from the US racial nomos and are commonplace in its particular traditions of black capitalism.
The Cultural Construction of London's Jewish East End: Urban Iconography, Modernity, and the Spatialisation of Englishness.
This is "the city as unique text" with open and massified inscriptions, with access keys left intended, in plain view, using, at a different level and according to Daniel Payot (2001) a free spatialisation of the syntax or, as envisioned by Deleuze and Guattari (1999), a geo-philosophical approach of re-territorialisation with double direction from land to territory and back.