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Synonyms for rotation

Synonyms for rotation

circular movement around a point or about an axis

occurrence in successive turns

Synonyms for rotation

(mathematics) a transformation in which the coordinate axes are rotated by a fixed angle about the origin

a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.)

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Notably, Picasso's first collage, Still Life with Chair Caning, 1912, is staged as a tabletop with a carved molding encircling it, situating the work within a kind of spatial rotation from framed vertical painting to horizontal, opaque surface.
Z] for example), and the other are three angular parameters which characterize the spatial rotation of the axis of [O.
For instance, in a 2005 study, school-age boys scored better on tests of spatial rotation and map reading than girls did, but only if the boys lived in middle- or upper-income families.
One of the most commonly used measures of spatial rotation ability is the Vandenberg Mental Rotation Test, in which participants are shown a series of three-dimensional objects at varying angles and must determine which are identical.
CTRS to be defined from a geocentric non-rotating system by a spatial rotation leading to a quasi-Cartesian system,
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