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Synonyms for disorientation

a wild delusion (especially one induced by a hallucinogenic drug)


confusion (usually transient) about where you are and how to proceed

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Many Class A mishaps are ultimately determined--or strongly suspected--to be attributable to some form of spatial disorientation.
Although pilots are trained to ignore their bodies and focus instead on a cockpit's central flight display, spatial disorientation has been cited in a number of crashes.
Spatial disorientation accidents has been a major concern for astronaut pilots, though such a mishap in space has not been reported to date.
US investigators claimed spatial disorientation suffered by the US pilots led to the crash.
The findings went against those of US investigators, who said spatial disorientation suffered by pilots on the American Sea Knight aircraft was to blame.
One possible explanation is that the birds became disoriented in a manner analogous to spatial disorientation described in air craft pilots and flew as a flock directly into the earth.
The accident report listed spatial disorientation as the probable cause.
Soon thereafter, I developed spatial disorientation, began having falls, and developed an intoxicated gait.
Spatial disorientation (SD) during flight (Benson, 1978a, 1978b) is a cause of critical aircraft mishaps with aircraft and pilot losses.
Environmental Tectonics Corporation will have installed its new Gyrolab GL-1500 Advanced Flight Simulator Spatial Disorientation Trainer for a customer in Southeast Asia by the time these lines are read.
Aviators have a name for the phenomenon: spatial disorientation.
It was these two patients with more radical bilateral resections who emerged from postoperative care with dramatic immediate memory impairments, and spatial disorientation.
Opening sequence, with its sparse dialogue, is striking: Disquieting sound effects and alternating extreme close and long shots impart a jarring sense of spatial disorientation that protags Terry (Goldie) and Ray (writer-helmer Andrew Goth) feel upon their release from prison.
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