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(of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a narrow base

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Central leaf spathulate with an acute to acuminate tip, margins meeting at ca.
As mentioned above, the marginal teeth at the end of the series, particularly the outermost one, have a broader, more spathulate cusp with a finely dentate, almost feathered margin (Fig.
Herbs; leaves orbicular to spathulate Pachylaena 45b.
0 mm) were filamentous or spathulate and smaller than female and hermaphroditic gametophytes, which were heart shaped.
Lateral teeth progressively decreasing in size from first to last, but not markedly so; one specimen with 3 pairs of laterals per row, another with four; cusp elongate-trigonal to spathulate, bearing coarse lateral denticles on both margins (3-6).
Leaves alternate, sparse to densely imbricate; sessile to clasping; blades linear, subulate, oblanceolate to spathulate, pinnately, three-veined, or with a conspicuous central vein, margin entire, ciliate to dentate, glabrous to densely pubescent.
Flowers spreading at 30[degrees]-45[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, each with a 3-7 x 2 mm pedicel, opening during the day; sepals elliptic, broadly acute to obtuse, cucculate, 23-26 mm long, basally connate for 10-12 mm, thin, nerved, glabrous, yellow; corolla erect, spreading at the apex; petals spathulate, acute, 26-28 mm long, conglutinated into a tube for 20 mm, naked, yellow.
Marginals numerous and slender, cusps of inner ones recurved and coarsely pectinate, outer ones spathulate distally with a feathered edge.
Leaves alternate, mostly clustered at stem apex; petiolate, petioles clasping; blades oblanceolate to spathulate, pinnately veined, margin entire, partially revolute, glabrous, rarely puberulent beneath.
Flowers subsessile, the lower ones pendulous-secund, corolla yellow; sepals free, 6 mm long, extended 3 mm wide, obovate, asymmetrical, the adaxial ones carinate, obtuse, adaxially glabrous, abaxially densely covered with ferrugineous trichomes, brown to yellow; petals 7 mm long, yellow, spathulate, acute, the blade spreading with recurving apex; stamens basally adnate to the petals; filaments 2-3 mm long, flat, white; anthers sagittate and closely arranged arround the stigma, 1 mm long, yellow; ovary 1.
Among the majority of leptosporangiate families, morphological development of the gametophyte proceeds from spore germination through filamentous and spathulate forms culminating in a cordate form that exhibits taxonspecific propensities for subsequent elongation and branching (Nayar and Kaur, 1971).