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Synonyms for croup

a disease of infants and young children

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the part of an animal that corresponds to the human buttocks

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Gausche-Hill said her practice is to use cool mist only for cases of mild or spasmodic croup, and for no longer than 30 minutes.
(1) Table Synonyms for hysterical stridor * Adult spasmodic croup Atypical asthma Benign vocal fold dysfunction Emotional laryngeal wheezing Emotional laryngospasm Episodic laryngeal dyskinesia Expiratory laryngeal stridor Factitious asthma Functional abduction paresis Functional inspiratory stridor Functional upper airway obstruction Functional vocal fold paralysis Laryngismus fugax Munchausen's strider Nonorganic upper airway obstruction Paradoxical vocal fold motion Pseudoasthma Psychogenic stridor Psychogenic upper airway obstruction Psychosomatic stridor Respiratory glottic spasm Transient laryngeal spasm * Based on information published by Snyder and Weiss.
The most serious form of croup has been virtually eliminated because of the HiB vaccine, but recurrent spasmodic croup can be scary nonetheless.
Spasmodic croup may not have preceding respiratory symptoms, can occur suddenly at night, and is usually milder than laryngotracheitis.
LTB is also call croup, viral croup, and spasmodic croup. LTB generally results from an infection with parainfluenza viruses.