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grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands

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The results show that there is a combined decrease in the density of Spartina of approximately 75%.
The tonsures of Spartina argentinensis originate ns a result of tussock development and disturbance.
Salt marshes were characterized by Spartina alterniflora, brackish marshes by Spartina patens, fresh marshes by Panicum hemitomon, and forested wetlands by Taxodium distichium (Chabreck 1972, Conner et al.
These 18 square miles of marshes form over a dozen islands of tall phragmite and spartina grasses that help cleanse human abuse while supporting thousands of migratory birds and more sedentary creatures.
In southern Florida, both species are less common and patchily distributed, because the subtropical climate promotes the replacement of Spartina marshes by mangroves (Waisel 1972; Duncan 1974).
At Willapa Bay, pollution caused by chemical control of spartina, an invasive aquatic weed, led to an education and lobbying effort that resulted in the state legislature enacting a new permitting process to regulate control activities.
Spartina occupies a variety of saltmarsh habitats at both north temperate and subtropical latitudes, and is exposed to significant geographic variation in winter disturbance and tidal inundation (Blum 1968, Kirby and Gosselink 1976, Turner 1976, Denno and Grissell 1979, Zedler et al.
Change in the region was inevitable: Oyster harvests from the estuary's productive beds were shrinking, in part because a nonnative grass, spartina, had infiltrated aquatic wildlife habitat.
Ironically, spartina originally arrived as the packing material for a load of eastern oysters sent in 1894 to replenish the bay's native Olympias, decimated by California '49ers hungry for Hangtown Fry.
National Book Awards were presented for the following: fiction, Spartina by John Casey; nonfiction, From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas L.
Plants include Spartina alterniflora (saltmarsh cordgrass), Spartina patens (salt hay), and Distichis spicata (spike grass).
For flood tide fishing in the spartina grass, I typically use soft plastics rigged weedless with at least a 1/4-ounce weight for long casts to the fish.
Tenders are invited for the work consists of excavating material from designated areas and conveying to and filling the material into a remote offshore site in corpus christi bay, and shaping to create mitigation and/or protection berms within the specified template; preparation of planting plans for and the planting of smooth cord grass, spartina alterniflora, and shoal grass, halodule wrightii; post-plant monitoring of the planted vegetation, including preparation of monitoring plans, reports, and replanting, if necessary; protection of the environment; erosion control; construction surveying; and cleanup.