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Synonyms for Spartan

Words related to Spartan

a resident of Sparta

Related Words

resolute in the face of pain or danger or adversity

Related Words

unsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment


Related Words

practicing great self-denial

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But his answer--that he did not--is only correct if one agrees with Brooks's spartanly inadequate definition of historical consciousness: "an awareness of change and the need to cope with it" (223).
It stands for hard work, irony, orthodoxy in the spartanly traditional, and realism--all qualities that Mr.
The French are still relatively spartanly equipped with mobile media compared to other European countries (66% penetration rate in France) and growth rates are significant in this market.
The Commercial is a traditional boozer, retaining its Spartanly masculine public bar section.
The lobby is nicely, if spartanly, decorated; there is no obvious odor; and we are greeted pleasantly by a receptionist.
The message that management takes cost control seriously can be dramatically demonstrated when middle and top management offices are also furnished Spartanly.