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an ancient Greek city famous for military prowess

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First go to Pylos and ask Nestor; thence go on to Sparta and visit Menelaus, for he got home last of all the Achaeans; if you hear that your father is alive and on his way home, you can put up with the waste these suitors will make for yet another twelve months.
Therefore it was great advantage, in the ancient states of Sparta, Athens, Rome, and others, that they had the use of slaves, which commonly did rid those manufactures.
The fabric of the state of Sparta was wholly (though not wisely) framed and composed, to that scope and end.
117: For it is said in the "Cypria" that Alexandrus came with Helen to Ilium from Sparta in three days, enjoying a favourable wind and calm sea.
That question, I said, is easily answered: the four governments of which I spoke, so far as they have distinct names, are, first, those of Crete and Sparta, which are generally applauded; what is termed oligarchy comes next; this is not equally approved, and is a form of government which teems with evils: thirdly, democracy, which naturally follows oligarchy, although very different: and lastly comes tyranny, great and famous, which differs from them all, and is the fourth and worst disorder of a State.
An encounter took place in Sparta, a few days since, between the barkeeper of an hotel, and a man named Bury.
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Sparta Prague got on the board in the 17th minute with a goal from David Lafata, who one-touched a pass inside the box to beat Petr Cech.
Tragash exclusively represented the seller, 84 Sparta Avenue LLC and Follman identified the buyer, Seasons at Sparta Associates, LLC.
Sparta Maestro is the marginal favourite, a position earned through a succession of powerful performances in the Classic.
Two rival city-states dominated the Greek world then: Athens and Sparta (see map, p.
United in battle to save all Hellas from the oriental invader, Sparta and Athens in other respects could not have been more different.