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small North American falcon

small hawk of Eurasia and northern Africa

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Sparrowhawk had a fondness for hurdlers, and enjoyed great success with Dine Out.
The sparrowhawk was the only common bird of prey in the study area, and a pair nested successfully each year within the Sinober study plot.
It was a great day when I discovered The Sparrowhawk, in Formby.
On a further visit to the property, inspectors found the sparrowhawk tethered among loose dogs which was "obviously agitated and nervous".
The sparrowhawk was shot and left injured in a field to the rear of Pike's property in March this year.
The sad truth is that there is over-protection of the predatory species - peregrine falcon, goshawks (this bird is the mink of the predatory species) and the sparrowhawk, which eats its prey alive.
The sparrowhawk invasion is alarming householders who are seeing their favourite robins, blue tits and greenfinches ripped to pieces right outside their patio windows.
But the enthusiasts looked on in horror as a sparrowhawk swooped on the defenceless bird as it perched on the roof of a farm building and crushed it in its powerful talons.
Modern farming methods and predatory birds have long been blamed for decimating songbirds - but grey squirrels and feral cats, together with the predatory sparrowhawk, are responsible for the loss of 85% of adult songbirds, said Mid Wales charity SongBird Survival.
The latter trained Nahrawali, who finished second in the Imperial Cup and fourth in the Tote Gold Trophy for Sparrowhawk in 1998.
The bird, thought to be either a sparrowhawk or a kestrel, was seen by students at the Rare performing arts studio on Wood Street.
In relation to a sparrowhawk, he said: "This Couple 4 NEWS Helping those addicted to drug MEETINGS for those addicted to drugs are being held in Teesside.
A sparrowhawK tooK up residence at Perrys in Northgate, Huddersfield, and seemed determined to sit it out.