Sparrow Unit

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a hit squad of the New People's Army in the Philippines

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The Sparrow Units gained notoriety for assassinations of policemen and government officials, including personalities they perceived to be helping the government.
The President said he has sought the assistance of former police officers in Mindanao to help deal with the NPA's Special Partisan Unit (SPARU), also known as sparrow units, amid reports they have stepped up attacks against troops and rebel returnees.
In December, the President revealed that he wanted to rehire some security officials who fought sparrow units in Davao City to join the fight against the NPA rebels and terrorists.
He said the sparrow units have become "active" since the communist group has been weakened by the surrender of hundreds of rebels to the government.
These shipments will complete the Phase I contract of $2M for 1080 AFS Sparrow units.
In 1987, as head of the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion stationed in Davao City, he supported newly-elected Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in clearing the city of insurgents, sparrow units, and criminal syndicates.
It's this Hobbesian world that was the Davao of the 1990s-with its Alsa Masa death squads, its New People's Army sparrow units, its ex-NPA private armies, its rogue military protecting miners and loggers, its drug lords, and its corrupt journalists-that shaped Duterte and that he brings with him to every press conference.
Maybe the CPP-NPA would summon anew its sparrow units to protect the urban poor from and punish Duterte's death squads.
Salinas was referring to unconfirmed reports that sparrow units of the CPP-NPA from Negros Island will come to Panay Island and rescue Maria Concepcion Araneta-Bocala.
However, Tiongson added that alleged sparrow units may still exist in Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental provinces.