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a firework that burns slowly and throws out a shower of sparks

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The cheapest item is a five pack of sparklers for 50p, or five giant sparklers for PS1.
Maypop offers two French sparklers by the glass-a Blanquette de Limoux for $7 ($35 a bottle) and a cremant brut rose ($9/$45).
Try to identify which is the Champagne, West Coast sparkler, cava, and prosecco.
Five Palladium Giant Sparklers (16 inch), 99p, from Homebase.
BURN TIME: 1 min, 18 secs WOW FACTOR: Disappointing SCORE: 3/5 MINI Standard Five Legacy Sparklers (10 inch), 50p, from Sainsbury's.
And organisers of tomorrow night's privately organised fireworks display at Newcastle Cricket Club, in Jesmond, have also banned sparklers.
Heating up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, sparklers are the number one cause of fireworks injuries requiring trips to the emergency room.
Today this unlikely locale furnishes Gruet with grapes for 130,000 cases per year of sparklers priced between $14 and $50, plus a small amount of still table wines.
Sparklers provide opportunities for homeless entrepreneurs to develop both new business ideas and the skills to run their own businesses.
HOW TO CLAIM: Simply cut out and take the voucher left to your nearest Netto store and exchange for one Free pack of Black Cat Crackling Sparklers worth 99p today, Sunday October 25, 2009.
A 27-year-old man picked up about 30 sparklers and began to light them for children in the neighborhood.
Jackie, who oversees the growing chain of Sparklers nurseries in Dumfries and Galloway, says patience remains one of the main qualities.
Carelessness with sparklers, mainly at private bonfires, accounts for many injuries to the face and hands.
So, as it's November 5 today, we asked the experts for their savings and investment sparklers - and the damp squibs that are best avoided.