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electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark

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I don't remember the first time an instructor taught me to "burn off" a fouled spark plug.
He said he threw spanners and spark plugs at approaching crocodiles as he dragged the boat toward mangroves where he sheltered for three hours, Mr Badham said.
More of the beasts arrived and surrounded Robert, who smashed one on the head with a spanner and lobbed spark plugs at the others as they came within 40cm.
Prominent players in the global automotive spark & glow plugs market include NGK Spark Plug Co.
Now, without announcement, last year it redesigned its aviation spark plugs, while revamping its manufacturing process.
If you can get them out, then squirt a quarter of an ounce or so of oil into each spark-plug hole (you can use a plastic syringe, extended with a piece of rubber or plastic hose if need be), and then throw those old spark plugs away.
Durant, who was purchasing his spark plugs from Rahway Plugs in New Jersey, promised Champion that if he could make a better spark plug, he'd switch suppliers.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Spark Plugs market to grow at a CAGR of 5.
NGK Spark Plug forms auto parts-selling unit in Russia
If you've changed your own spark plugs in the past but are intimidated by the newer-style coil-on-plug (COP) ignition systems (pretty much the standard since 2000), it's time to reconsider.
It may sound like a sizzling new mini-series - but the story here is collectible spark plugs.
GE's Jenbacher and GE Aviation Systems' Unison business (NYSE:GE) have entered into a seven-year agreement for the development and production of long-life spark plugs for GE Jenbacher's high efficiency reciprocating gas engines.
The new product, which has been sold under the product name "Twin Tip" in North America(2) and Europe (including Russia), uses a tip shape for the ground electrode, in addition to the tip shape of the center electrode for conventional spark plugs.
High Court's ruling that permitted TVS to use twin- spark plugs in its motorcycles.