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a component of an ignition system

the gap between two high-potential terminals

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Advantages of semiconductor switching systems with IGBT in high-power generators over of switching systems with spark gaps are a higher permissible repetition rate (up to hundreds of thousands of pulses per second), high stability of pulses on the load.
Such a scheme allows one to obtain nanosecond pulses with amplitude of hundreds of kilovolts and more on the load by using a linear pulse transformer as a stepup pulse transformer having one turn in the secondary winding and a high-speed spark gap as the closing switch SD.
When all the capacitors are charged, the first spark gap is triggered.
Kutz held up some of the items purchased by undercover investigators, including a small device that looked like a spark plug called a triggered spark gap.
Underlining the extent of the clandestine market for tightly controlled high-tech equipment are court documents in the Karni case that the triggered spark gaps were probably only a minute part of illegal export operations in when he participated.
However, no unit with a ball electrode achieved a 1-mm spark gap thought to be a necessary minimal threshold to permit depth-perception distinction.
Triggered spark gaps are unremarkable in appearance--each is a cylinder set atop a four-inch-square black box--and small enough to fit in the pocket of a raincoat.
The Articles section contains three new articles Sound Solutions for Wireless Audio discusses how radio has evolved, from high voltage spark gaps, to vacuum tubes, to high fidelity and finally to digital radio.
Metal Oxide Surge Arrestor Without Spark Gaps Generally Confirming To Iec-60099-4, Rated Voltage-40Kv, Line Discharge-Class 4, Continuous Operating Voltage Rms -32Kv, Variation In Frequency-47-53Hz, Nominal Discharge Current 8/20 -20Ka Peak , Nominal Creepage Distance-1423Mm, Short Circuit Rating At 50Hz-63Ka Rms To 0.
Under the contract, Alstom will supply capacitors, spark gaps, as well as control and instrumentation systems and an insulated platform.
Under the contract, company will supply capacitors, spark gaps, as well as control and instrumentation systems and an insulated platform.
Once the design has been finalised, the necessary spark gaps can be specified to provide the machining offsets required in PowerMILL to cut the roughing and finishing electrodes.