spark arrester

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Synonyms for spark arrester

electrical device to reduce sparking when electrical contacts are opened or closed

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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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Proper notice boards regarding warranties, no smoking, emergency phone numbers, installation of spark arrestors etc.
Previously only available for engines up to 400hp, these quenching type units have a cyclonic design, with glowing particles from diesel exhaust spun and repeatedly impacted against the internal spark arrestor surfaces.
The system is designed in a size-optimized modular package, and while maintains the necessary air flow to meet factory air filter requirements, the multilayer spark arrestor media is effective in protecting the paper air filter and engine air intake, Walker said.
The GX engines are air-cooled, meet EPA and CARB emission levels and are equipped with spark arrestor mufflers, Honda said.
Silex's standard pro-engineered silencers from industrial grade (15 to 25 dB(A)) to high performance Super Hospital Plus (45 to 55 dB(A)) include reactive, low profile, low pressure drop, hockey puck, power puck, spark arrestor and absorptive designs.
of torque and are packaged with a cross-flow radiator, heavy-duty, air cleaners, flywheel stub shaft and spark arrestor exhaust silencer.
Sound issues are also addressed with a noise suppressor, a specially designed muffler and an USFS-approved spark arrestor to reduce chances of a fire and reduce operating noise.