spark arrester

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electrical device to reduce sparking when electrical contacts are opened or closed

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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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AMOT has launched two products with extended application range: Chalwyn diesel engine spark arrestors with nearly three times the reach to now cover engines up to 1100hp (825kW) and Amot emergency air shut-off valves extending up to a 10-inch size for the larger valves of the latest engine designs.
The system is designed in a size-optimized modular package, and while maintains the necessary air flow to meet factory air filter requirements, the multilayer spark arrestor media is effective in protecting the paper air filter and engine air intake, Walker said.
Tenders are invited for splash heat protection suit, hear resistance hand glove and spark arrestor 55mm as per tender
The GX engines are air-cooled, meet EPA and CARB emission levels and are equipped with spark arrestor mufflers, Honda said.
0 HP Tier 4 Turbo Diesel Engine, Auxiliary Hydraulics: Variable Flow, Backup Alarm, Bob-Tach, Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS), Bobcat Standard Controls, Cylinder Cushioning Lift & Tilt, Engine/Hydraulic Systems Shutdown, Glow Plugs (Automatically Activated), Horn, Instrumentation: Engine Temperature & Fuel Gauges, Hourmeter, RPM, and Warning Lights, Lift Arm Support, Vertical Lift Path, Front & Rear Lights, Operator Cab, Adjustable Cushion Seat, Top & Rear Windows, Parking Brake, Seat Bar & Seat Belt, Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) meets SAE-JI404 & ISO 3471, Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) meets SAE-JI043 & ISO 3449, Level I, Spark Arrestor Exhaust System, Bobcat Heavy Duty Tires 31 x 12-16.
Silex's standard pro-engineered silencers from industrial grade (15 to 25 dB(A)) to high performance Super Hospital Plus (45 to 55 dB(A)) include reactive, low profile, low pressure drop, hockey puck, power puck, spark arrestor and absorptive designs.
Tenders are invited for supply of fire safety items- safety net, safety goggles, traffic cones and spark arrestor as per tender
of torque and are packaged with a cross-flow radiator, heavy-duty, air cleaners, flywheel stub shaft and spark arrestor exhaust silencer.
Sound issues are also addressed with a noise suppressor, a specially designed muffler and an USFS-approved spark arrestor to reduce chances of a fire and reduce operating noise.
Tenders are invited for Supply of hydraulic mobile pick and carry crane,optional attachment for model, SLI with hydraulic cut off, man carrying basket, spark arrestor
Qualified Spark Arrestor, Electronic Ignition, Automatic Rewind