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HOW TO CLAIM: To order your free Allium Neapolitanum and/or Sparaxis bulbs, please complete the order form below.
To order your free Allium Neapolitanum and/or Sparaxis Bulbs: Simply complete and send this order form, along with a cheque or postal order for the appropriate amount (made payable to 'MGN Ltd') to: Sunday People Spring Bulbs Offer (SP20), PO Box 30, St.
Today we're giving you the chance to get 100 Allium Neapolitanum and 60 Sparaxis bulbs, worth PS39.
Look out for Acidanthera, Canna, Anemone, Crinum, Galtonia, Gladioli, Ixia, Iris, Nerine, Ornithogalum, Triteleia, Tigridia, Sparaxis, Schizostylis and of course Liliums.
2 Use tuberous plants for their exciting sizzling colours, such as Sparaxis tricolor, with grass-like leaves and bright orange, red or purple flowers.
Plant anemones, crocus, daffodils, Dutch iris, freesias, homeria, hyacinths, ixia, leucojum, lycoris, oxalis, Peruvian scilla, ranunculus, sparaxis, tritonia, tulips, and watsonia.
Fifteen Free mixed cottage garden bulbs including: Freesia, Ixia, Sparaxis and Anemone de Caen.
You can purchase 100 Mixed Summer Flowering Bulbs (20 of each Anemone De Caen, Sparaxis, Lxias, Allium and Oxalis Deppei) for pounds 5.
A 150 Bulb Pack, containing, 15 Gladioli, 50 Oxalis, 15 Dutch Iris, 20 Anemone De Caen and 50 Sparaxis.
The original wild for freesias, hyacinths, pansy--Johnny-Jump-Up-- or sparaxis.
For a stunning blanket of rich colours, textures and shapes choose from a wide range of bulbs from Allium to Acidanthera, Begonia, Gladioli, Liatris, Oxalis Deppei, Sparaxis, Iris, Lilium, Anemone or Triteleia.
Free bulbs include Acidanthera, Anemone, Gladioli and Sparaxis.
Our fabulous collection includes a mixture of acidanthera, anemone, freesia, Ixia, sparaxis & brodiaea Queen Fabiola.