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Synonyms for spanner

a tool with jaws for gripping and twisting


Synonyms for spanner

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Spanner is a Hand Tool used to provide the mechanical advantages and plays a very important role in manufacturing Industries.
The spanners were made to imperial sizes to do decommissioning work at the nuclear plant in Caithness, because modern metric equipment was unsuitable.
THERE is nothing more annoying when working on a car than finding you can't quite get a spanner on to a nut because of other bits and pieces around it.
"He used to throw spanners at engineers if they made a mistake and I don't think that happens now."
The oak spanners sometimes fit poorly--or not at all.
What's more, buying a selection containing the more useful sizes is also cost-effective, because you can always add individual spanners designed for specific tasks later.
HEXHOLD Ltd has announced the launch of its patented new product, HEXHOLD', an ingenious collection of spanners. This new product allows users to locate a bolt, or hold a nut, in places other spanners simply cannot reach.
All sockets, flex-head spanners and ring ends of the combination spanners are equipped with Bahco's Dynamic Drive Profile.
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of Assembly hand tools : de spanners set,de spanner canked open ends,ring spanner set
Tenders are invited for Spanners Consisting Of 5 Items As Per Annexure:- 1 Drop Forged Chrome Vanadium Double Ended Spanner To Size 1 Inch X 15/16 Inch Generally Confirming To Is 2028/2004 03 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Chrome Vanadium Ratchets And Box Spanners Consists Of 1 Chrome Vanadium Reversible Ratchet With 1/2 Inch Square Drive To Is 7381 1986- 3 Nos 2 1/2 Inch Square Drive M24 Box Spanner To Is 7381 - 1986 - 3 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Ring Spanners Of Is No.2029-1998 And Double End Spanners Is No 2028-2004 Of Sizes: 1 Double End Spanner Sizes: 6 X 7,8 X 9,10 X 11, 12 X 13, 14 X 15,16 X 17,21 X 23,24 X 26,24 X 27, 30 X 32,32 X 36- Qty:30 Nos Each Sizes.
Tenders are invited for Hand Tools 1 Double End Spanners One Set Of Sizes.6X7,8X9,10X11,12X13,14X15,16X17,18X19,20X22,21X23,24X27,25X28,30X32,Ribbed 32X36,36X41,41X46,46X50,50X55,1/2X7/16,1/2X9/16.