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Synonyms for spanker

a hitter who slaps (usually another person) with an open hand


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a fore-and-aft sail set on the aftermost lower mast (usually the mizzenmast) of a vessel

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Another analysis found that 56% of spankers and 32% of nonspankers said their parents or relatives recommended spanking.
Giue him a Iack for thou knowest None but Spankers, & Lawrells will pass in our companye.
Spirits come in two conditions - sheds and spankers.
Lisa Lashes (alternative set), Base Spankers, Colin H and Chrisso kept the masses moving for hours at the Polysexual vs Lashed Summer of Love event at Air in Digbeth.
This time the lovely Lisa is joined by BK, JFK, Jason Cortez, Phil York, Huggy, Bass Spankers, Mick Paterson and more.
Rolling Stone magazine put it quite succinctly when their reviewer said "The Spankers pull it off like vaudevillian pros and back it up with serious talent"inspired, lunatic brilliance.
The pick of Monksfield's progeny, including Velka Pardubicka winner It's A Snip and stakes winners Grand Habit and Spankers Hill, were well suited by three miles or more.
We threw George Davis's #4 chartreuse Ice Chenille Spankers at them and they took hard at the end of the swing as the fly turned.
One called Kink shows G&G naked over a map of London with names such as Spankers Hill Wood and Whipps Cross.
One group, the Spur Highway Spankers, debuted in 1992.
Johnson is not just a cult figure whenever two or three spankers are gathered together.
De Grazia would also free from censorship such sex-pulp books as Sex Life of a Cop, Gang Girls, I Am a Lesbian, Suite 69, Campus Mistress, Cult of the Spankers, and Dance with the Dominant Whip (pp.
aphrodisiacs, spells, romantic love, and fatal attractions, or, when you come right down to it, never put all that much faith in the kinky--cross-dressers, spankers and spankees, leather lingerie; closed doors even, what goes on behind, or even in the mostly normal congress between consenting adults.
Two former members of the Asylum Street Spankers will be at the WOW Hall on Sunday with their new project.