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able to communicate in Spanish

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In keeping with LeaderOne's Mortgage with EASE, the Generaciones division serves to make the lending process smoother for Spanish-speaking clients and their realtors.
California [United States], June 22 ( ANI ): You became friends on Facebook with a Spanish-speaking individual and now you have no idea where you are headed because you don't know Spanish.
The program is designed to provide health care workers with the language skills necessary to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking patients at a basic level.
We also have the distinction in our city of being the library with the most Spanish-speaking, bilingual staff.
Howard said, Spanish-speaking women were significantly less likely than were English-speaking women to use incorrect descriptors for the term Pap smear.
The text includes a general section on Rhode Island's Spanish-speaking population, background on migration to Rhode Island from Spanish-speaking countries, a breakdown by ethnic group of the various Spanish-speaking populations, a history of Latino community social activism and political growth in Rhode Island, and profiles of several Spanish-speaking persons of note in Rhode Island.
One company in North Carolina experienced an increase in the number of claims by Spanish-speaking policyholders and took action to address this trend by hiring bilingual claims representatives.
According to Maria-Cruz Gray, director of Hispanic ministry for the diocese, taking classes to become a Spanish-speaking lay minister required sacrifice.
This study focuses on assessing the contribution of ELL services to Spanish-speaking students' mathematics learning in elementary schools.
Spanish-speaking parents are less likely than English speakers to vaccinate their daughters against human papillomavirus, but access to health insurance might be more important than language, according to a study in the February issue of the American Journal of Public Health.
In the MMWR report, "Chlorine Gas Release Associated with Employee Language Barrier--Arkansas, 2011," it was incorrectly stated that a Spanish-speaking employee with limited English skills inadvertently poured sodium hypochlorite into a 55-gallon drum containing residual acidic antimicrobial solution, causing a chlorine gas release.
Clinical testing laboratory Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc (NASDAQ:BRLI) announced on Wednesday the official launch of Laboratorio Buena Salud to serve the Spanish-speaking population in USA.
"Our Spanish-speaking customers are a vital part of our community, and we welcome the opportunity to make their online interactions with Conair as user friendly as possible."
Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL), a US-based airline company, has announced the launch of its Twitter channel for Spanish-speaking passengers.