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The Spanish Society Medical Hidrology was founded in 1877, one of scientific societies more Spain old.
With this book, Susan Walter offers readers not only a well-researched and thorough look inside the life of nineteenth-century author Emilia Pardo Bazan and her engagement with Spanish society of the time, but also insightful analyses of the connections between narrative frame, gender, and space in a representative group of the Galician writer's short stories.
There are black communities in Spanish society but, compared to England in particular, they are far, far fewer and less well established.
To take just one example, Castillo argues that "Lazarillo de Tormes challenges the reader to gaze at the Spanish society of the mid-1600s from the marginal position of the dispossessed" (9).
These themes include the establishment of missions by Franciscans, the process of evangelization in the missions, Spanish society in New Mexico, and conflicts between civil and religious officials.
From the mild-mannered transvestite with a pathological hatred of cyclists and the dried-up poet dabbling in a new lease of life, to a Spanish society taking bold measures with its rougher element and painful indecision at the BBC - Sayle's got an opinion.
Nevertheless, those blessed with intrepidity and an open mind who read on will discover impeccably written stories that capture the tone of the kaleidoscopic Spanish society at the beginning of Y2K.
The Spanish Civil War, from 1936-39, pitted a progressive Republican government, supported by communists, anarchists, socialists and labor groups, against a Nationalist movement determined to preserve an authoritarian, traditionalist concept of Spanish society.
The beginning of SEAT provided a means of private transportation to all economic and social levels of Spanish society.
Some critics have interpreted La Celestina, in the light of Rojas' experiences, as a condemnation of anti-Semitism in Spanish society.
Dolors Montserrat emphasizes that they are "the best data in the history of the Spanish system of transplants" that show that "Spain is the most generous country in the world, where more people donate organs that save lives", for which she has especially appreciated the generosity of Spanish society in one of the most difficult moments of their lives.
She shows how artists, poets, dramatists, and intellectuals--through their writing, their journals, and their activism--fueled the central axes of debates that later polarized Spanish society in apparently unbridgeable dichotomies: such as right wing/left wing, authoritarian/democratic, religious/secular, centralist/regionalist, and bourgeois/proletariat.
The spokeswoman for the Spanish anti-abortion campaign group Right to Life, Gador Joya, said Gallardon "must know that Spanish society is backing him to carry out this reform".
of Otago, New Zealand) compiles 12 essays by a group of Spanish literature, language, and Hispanic studies scholars from the US, UK, and New Zealand who consider the cultural impact of the redefinition of family in Spanish society.
The texts reveal that, despite their subordinate status in Spanish society and the restrictive codes that ordered their lives, women of diverse origins and status were capable of asserting themselves, of articulating their concerns, and of developing strategies for survival and self-preservation.
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