Spanish peseta

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formerly the basic unit of money in Spain

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Euro notes and coins went into circulation across 12 EU countries on January 1, replacing traditional currencies such as the French Franc, Spanish Peseta, and Italian Lira.
Currencies such as Spanish peseta, Italian lira and French franc are replaced by the euro on January 1, but British banks will accept the old money for a few weeks.
In particular, the Italian lira remained at the top of the narrow band throughout the period and the Spanish peseta moved to the top of its wider band.
Thomas Cook says it will change Austrian schilling, Belgian franc, Finnish mark, French franc, German deutschmark, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg franc, Dutch guilder, Portuguese escudo and Spanish peseta notes into sterling between now and the end of February 2002.
Staff mounted a foreign currency collection campaign and over 60 tons of coins and notes were collected - mostly from redundant currencies like the French franc and Spanish peseta.
But a friend has just reminded me that the Spanish peseta disappears in January to be replaced by the euro.
5 per cent against the Spanish peseta and French franc compared with the same month in 2000, and had gained 2.
Figures from holiday firm Lunn Poly show that the pound has grown by 50 per cent against the Greek drachma, and by more than 30 per cent against the Spanish peseta in the past five years.
It's value has soared by up to 21 per cent against the Spanish peseta in the last year and by 19 per cent against the French Franc.
LIKE the Spanish peseta, the mark has been at the centre of Germany's political struggles.
Against the Spanish peseta, sterling is 30per cent up since 1993, while in Portugal its value has risen 29per cent.