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the people of Spain


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Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) - The President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, sent a message of condolences to King Philip VI of Spain on the victims of the terrorist attack which took place on a tourist street in the center of Barcelona, stressing the solidarity of the Iraqi people with the Spanish people against terrorist groups.
My trip made me realise that, away from all the politics, when I sit with ordinary German, French, Italian and Spanish people in their countries, soaking up the sun and enjoying their hospitality, I feel a real sense of loss that some time in the very near future, I won't be a European like them.
In his cable, His Majesty the Sultan has expressed his sincere congratulations along with his best wishes of good health and happiness to King Felipe VI and the Spanish people further progress and prosperity.
("Rescuing Memory: The Humanist Interview with Noam Chomsky," by Jorge Majfud, J/A 2016.) What a long-lasting curse the Spanish people endured under Franco's regime--and how sad for them that the United States never came to their aid!
MADRID, Safar 20, 1437, December 02, 2015, SPA -- Official figures show the number of Spanish people registered as unemployed fell by 27,071 in November, the biggest drop on record for that month and welcome news for the conservative government ahead of Dec.
A 2013 study hinted that a group of Spanish people who ate a big midday meal lost more weight than those whose largest meal was a few hours later in the afternoon.
However, he also drew attention to the fact that one in four Spanish people are still unemployed.
SPANISH people living around Gibraltar support the British territory rather than their own government in the latest row over border controls, its chief minister has claimed.
Driven by the growing economic crisis in the Iberian Peninsula, more and more Spanish people are coming to try their luck in Panama, attracted by the opportunities offered by the economic growth the country is experiencing.
The presidential press service quotes Sargsyan's letter as saying: "Sharing your and Spanish people's pain, I wish tenacity and
MADRyD (CyHAN)- Spanish people, who are opposing the new cuts in the education spending, are stepping up their protests across Spain.
Al-Barghouthi talked about the historical relations between the Palestinian people and the Spanish People, which represents the outstanding financial and political support offered from Spain to the Palestinian people in spite of the Economic crisis ravaging Spain, but the political support is still the most important.
"If there is a crisis in the whole country we must hold our heads high and play for the Spanish people.
"Firstly, how would the Spanish feel if the English stereotyped Spanish people as backward, stupid, and animalistic homosexuals?