Spanish moss

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dense festoons of greenish-grey hairlike flexuous strands anchored to tree trunks and branches by sparse wiry roots

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The owners have asked to be paid for the value of rail property they said was intruded upon by the Spanish Moss Trail proposals.
Spanish moss obtains its minerals and moisture from atmospheric conditions as it has no absorbing root system but instead possesses absorbing scales over the entire plant.
Spanish moss, looking more like lacy gray-green holiday tinsel than tropical vegetation, hangs in graceful fringes from the live oak trees that form canopies over the brick-paved streets and canals of Winter Park.
Other finishes, available in several combinations on select pieces, include Cobblestone, a soft gray paint inspired by French pieces found in Savannah's famed antiques district; Blossom, a chalk white with timeworn rub-through named for the dogwood bloom; and Driftwood, a gray stain, used on tabletops only, which has the casual feel of Low Country Spanish moss.
To someone from New York, the billowing Spanish moss and knotted trees belong more to Gone with the Wind than they do a Jewish haven.
The pale blue paper johnny hung on me like Spanish moss on a southern oak tree.
Jutting out into the Beaufort River, the mansion is practically surrounded by water the same way the house itself is surrounded by first and second story verandas, live oaks dripping with Spanish moss and the brilliant blooms of azaleas.
However, the biggest navigational problems encountered have been on the Lower Mississippi River in the 11-mile stretch between mile points 524 and 535, the segment known by river pilots as Spanish Moss Bend.
I don't remember the name of the lake, but it was in Central Florida, one of the classic natural lakes with Spanish moss draping the oaks.
Among Spanish moss and not much else, Tatum crafted the demos that would become Nocturne, his fantastic sophomore LP.
It is flanked by live oak trees festooned with Spanish moss.
Spanish moss, for instance, hangs from many open boughs and is encouraged as it is a useful medium to enhance orchid displays.
It was huge, with large limbs, and draped with Spanish moss that hung down all around, clear to the ground.