Spanish dagger

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yucca of southeastern United States similar to the Spanish bayonets but with shorter trunk and smoother leaves

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arborescent yucca of southwestern United States and northern Mexico with sword-shaped leaves and white flowers

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In this garden, a variegated Spanish dagger (Yucca gloriosa) shows off its spiky shape against soft pink winter heath (Erica carnea).
65m in just 14 days, and better known as Spanish Dagger, hesperoyucca whipplei has a rosette of very sharp pointed leaves that produces a very tall flower spike.
uk Reaching for the sky: The tall flower spike of the Spanish Dagger.
KNOWN as Spanish dagger because of its stiff pointed leaves, yucca gloriosa belongs to the lily family, which becomes more obvious when you see its towering spikes of creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers rise above the leaves in summer and autumn.
The common one is Yucca gloriosa, Spanish Dagger, with an explosion of sword-shaped leaves.