Spanish broom

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tall thornless shrub having pale yellow flowers and flexible rushlike twigs used in basketry

erect shrub of southwestern Europe having racemes of golden yellow flowers

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Here is a small selection of other common garden plants that can be poisonous/cause skin, eye irritation: | Monkshood; Peruvian lily (Alstroemeria) | Cuckoo-pint, lords-and-ladies (Arum) | Ornamental pepper cultivars | Chrysanthemum; Autumn crocus (Colchicum) | Lily-of-the-valley | Leylandii cypress | Christmas rose (Helleborus) | Hyacinth | Iris | Calico Bush (Kalmia) | Laburnum | Privet | Lobelia (except bedding lobelia) | Tobacco plant | Laurel | Spanish broom | Yew ASK JOHN Q: My lawn has this year become infested with clover.
Shrubs which hate being moved include ceanothus, holly, eucalyptus, Spanish broom, ribes (flowering currant), lilac, winter-flowering jasmine and weigela.
Also trim over neglected lavender bushes and Spanish broom, Spartium junceum.