Spanish Sahara

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an area in northwestern Africa with rich phosphate deposits

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FOALS Spanish Sahara This track from the Oxford quintent is six minutes of glory.
The main reason for the delays in establishing any genuine union between the nations of the Maghreb is the decades-long disagreement between Algeria and Morocco over the status of the Western Sahara, the former Spanish Sahara.
The UN has passed over a hundred resolutions on Western Sahara, the first, Resolution 3458 (XXX) in 1975, declared unequivocally that the General Assembly reaffirmed 'the inalienable right of the people of Spanish Sahara to self-determination, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 1541 (XV)'.
At the same time, Morocco and Mauritania claimed that Spanish Sahara departure, both countries occupied the territory: Morocco annexed the northern two thirds and Mauritania the remainder.
As far back as 1956, Al-Fassi spread the idea that Moroccans must lead a struggle to liberate Tangier, the Sahara from Colomb-Bechar to Tindouf (both in Algeria), the Touat, Kenadza, Mauritania (which Morocco did not recognize until 1969, eight years after independence), and of course Spanish Sahara, until their unification with Morocco.
Although the International Court of Justice ruled in 1975 that the people of the former Spanish Sahara had the right of self-determination, thereby dismissing the Moroccan claim to the territory, and the United Nations General Assembly determined that the territory was not self-governing, Morocco and Mauritania ignored the (UNGA 3458) resolution and conquered the land accorded to them in the Madrid Accords signed with Spain in 1975.
The nationalist Polisario Front launched an armed independence struggle against Spain in 1973, and Madrid eventually promised the people of what was then still known as the Spanish Sahara a referendum on the fate of the territory by the end of 1975.
The Western Sahara, previously known as Spanish Sahara, boasts rich mineral deposits, including phosphates, iron ore and--quite possibly--offshore oil.
After Spain defied a 1965 United Nations ruling supporting self-determination in the Spanish Sahara, Sahrawi nationalists created the Polisario Front in 1973 to fight for independence.
Bernard Edinger writes from Paris that he has taken early retirement (at 59) after 32 years with Reuters "on four continents and including reporting stints in about 50 countries and territories, some of which, like South Vietnam or the Spanish Sahara, no longer exist in their prior form.
At the 2011 NME awards they won Best Single for Spanish Sahara and were nominated for four other awards.
If you haven't heard Spanish Sahara yet, you're in for a proper treat.
In 1974, Spain, still ruled by the ailing dictator Francisco Franco, signaled that its withdrawal from Spanish Sahara was imminent and agreed to the principle of self-determination as the United Nations had been demanding.