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a soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin

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Leret was not one, it seems, to suffer fools gladly, for, despite his exemplary service, in January 1935 he was back in gaol, this time in the Castillo de Hacho fortress in Ceuta, Spanish Morocco, for having made a remark betraying his republican sympathies in the presence of a superior officer.
lel Boulevard--the poor man's Broadway--offset by labor unrest and the gloomy signs of war in Spanish Morocco, that the plot unfolds.
Therefore, he wanted bases in Agadir, French Morocco, in Spanish Morocco, the Canaries, Cape Verde, Medeira, and the Azores.
We'd also befriended a dramatist, Eduardo Bayares, and his wife Cecilia, with whom we made occasional brief trips - to their native Granada, to Cordoba, and finally to Spanish Morocco.
Principal wars: Cuban War for Independence (1892-1898); rebellion in Spanish Morocco (1912-1916); Riff War (1921-1925).
1932 - ) Spanish playwright and novelist, born in Spanish Morocco, resident in France since 1955.