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an American whose first language is Spanish

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Jacksonville is a better place from the preservation of the Spanish American War Fort.
The United States as seen by Spanish American writers, 1776-1890.
Critique: Impressively researched, deftly organized and presented, informed and informative, "Textual Exposures: Photography in Twentieth-Century Spanish American Narrative Fiction" is a seminal work of outstanding scholarship.
Since last year, staff and volunteers from the Spanish American Center have been preparing meals at a local church and delivering them to the hotel.
2003), Editor, Jose Marti, Boulder, Society of Spanish and Spanish American Studies.
All these selections, as the title of this section indicates, have to do with the contrast between the United States and Spanish American republics.
This versatile volume, obviously the result of years of preparation, has two great merits: not only does it serve as a thoughtful and thorough summary of the achievement of two generations of Spanish American novelists; it also introduces the reader to writers that she or he may have never read, and in more than a few instances, never heard of (I am speaking for myself, of course).
This study presents the diverse nature of the contemporary Spanish American novel and the attempts by successive generations of writers to both receive and break with the influence of the strong novelists of the past.
Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home, 1492-1898 is organized by Richard Aste, Curator of European Art, Brooklyn Museum.
In synthesizing what historians know about Spanish society in the Spanish American Empire, Burkholder effectively refutes the notion that creoles were marginalized or lacked access to leadership positions.
Jose Luis Venegas' Decolonizing Modernism--James Joyce and the Development of Spanish American Fiction is a concise but eloquent demonstration of the potential of truly non-Eurocentric comparative studies between Latin American and European literatures.
Up until the Spanish American War, the instruction of Signal Corps topics throughout the Army took place at Fort Leavenworth and at Fort Riley in a varied manner.
Journeys of formation; the Spanish American Bildungsroman.
Alonso Carrio de Lavandera's El lazarillo de ciegos caminantes has long been considered to be one of the most important texts of Spanish American literature written during the eighteenth century and has been the subject of excellent book-length studies by Mariselle Melendez, Karen Stolley, and Evaristo de Souza Penha, as well as of a host of journal articles and book chapters.