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an approximately triangular surface area between two adjacent arches and the horizontal plane above them


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This meant that Hanson had to match the color and design of the new parking deck's spandrels to those on the existing structures.
To illustrate and evaluate spandrels and Frankenstein's monsters in the common law, I shall take my cue from three of our greatest judges: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
There are also at least two ways in which Beall's approach, as set out in Spandrels of Truth, might be unsatisfying, both of which he explicitly acknowledges.
Spandrel and glazing, however, are inserted into the stick system as a complete unit.
Lewontin 1979 The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptionist Programme.
The BEBO Concrete Arch System is a combination of precast arch elements, spandrels, wingwalls and cast-in-place concrete footings.
The central arched entrance, with dragoncarved spandrels, leads into a terrazzo floored hall with a broad staircase, inscribed glass and commemorative plaque.
Spandrels of the Sistine Chapel depict four Old Testament examples of Salvation: David and Goliath, Judith and Holofernes, The Brazen Serpent and Death of Haman.
Both feature a brushed gold tone with printed dial ring and embossed gold tone spandrels.
The carved wooden dragon we use as the logo for the house was discovered when we first made explorations of the Hall, hidden under plaster, perched in one of the spandrels in the roof.
Tenders are invited for project consists of, but not limited to removing and installing 2640 lf of 8" vcp sewer pipe and related appurtenances; installing 8,448 lm of 8" and 12" pvc and abandoning existing water pipe and related appurtenances; removing and installing concrete structures, including sidewalk, curb and gutter, cross gutter and spandrels, driveways, and access ramps; slurry sealing; cold milling/excavation and installing aggregate base and asphalt concrete; underground vault and pipe rehabilitation; large water meter upgrade; and all related work.
Set back from the street to allow for planted green space, the complex projects an updated, sleek and modern look, featuring prominent, black metal spandrels incorporated on a brick exterior with oversized, metal-trimmed windows.
Both type have large and generous cruciform medallions surrounded by angular vines and spandrels enclosed by a samovar border and the pile is long.
In a "fool the eye" strategy, spandrels were overlaid with a combination of silver and blue spandrel glass.