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a German machine gun

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Eight months into a new role, in a new country, Mr Spandow is responsible for the contact lens giant's interests in the UK and Ireland.
Coming from the US, where contact lens penetration is significantly higher than in the UK, Mr Spandow has some well-thought-out ideas about how practitioners can grow their businesses, and will be working to realise what he sees as an 'untapped opportunity' to increase contact lens usage.
The aforementioned study by Spandow et al revealed that hearing loss occurred in rats treated with hydrocortisone applied to the middle ear.
Antonelli: In their study of noninflamed rat middle ears, Spandow and Hellstrom showed that the use of intratympanic steroids can indeed lead to permanent perforations.
Wennmo and Spandow found an air-bone gap of 20 dB or less in 89% of patients and 10 dB or less in 67% of patients over a minimum follow-up of 3 years.