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a canned meat made largely from pork

unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)

send unwanted or junk e-mail

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For example, China and Russia are not involved, but both are huge generators and senders of spam, particularly China, where many spammers use servers based in Beijing.
In order for spammers to distribute spam, releasing their identity to each of the recipients of their e-mail messages will be a requirement, thereby creating a serious problem for them.
As a result, spammers have little incentive to target their audience, and few do.
By filing lawsuits, the providers gain the right to subpoena bank and telephone records, as well as any other records that may help identify the spammers.
In May, the Federal Trade Commission released the results of its "False Claim in Spam Study," which shows an exaggerated use of fraudulent tactics amongst spammers.
The founder of Spamhaus Steve Linford predicts that 80% of all e-mails will be spam by December 2004 and said that the laws meant to deter spammers are full of loopholes that are easily exploited.
to provide additional enforcement authority for the FTC to hold liable unscrupulous businesses that employ spammers to fraudulently promote their businesses.
Increasingly, spammers are infiltrating computer networks and bouncing email through unsuspecting corporate mail servers.
The e-mails were sent through 'zombie' computers, which are computers that have been infected with a virus that allows spammers not only to control them from a remote location but to send many more e-mails than their own server would let them.
An MP for the Social Democratic Party in Germany has stated that a new draft law could see spammers being given large fines or even prison sentences.