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a canned meat made largely from pork

unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)

send unwanted or junk e-mail

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Spam mail senders illegally send mass advertisement information from remote locations.
I want users to feel a since of freedom on the site - freedom that is from pop ups, career advice columns, feeds, spam mail and keeping up with another profile.
ahsmw First: "The email receipts they have told you that they have sent do not appear in my messages or my spam mail - why not?
The current 'digital marketing' offerings in Namibia consist of random elements, usually limited to a website, bulk SMSs, spam mail or maybe even a Facebook page.
22 August 2011 -- UK provider of web-hosting services Fasthosts Internet has cautioned owners of small businesses over spam mail they send to their customers, the Financial Times reports.
This observation is rendered most clearly in the booklet titled "The Wire: New York, 2005-2008," which features spam mail organized as an epistolary fiction.
Biggest culprit for sending spam was the EMEA region, which accounted for 44 percent of spam mail, followed by North America which generated 27 percent and Asia Pacific which accounted for 18 percent.
Firms are coming under increasing pressure from cyber crime, which can range from the deluge of spam mail, cited by 94% as a pressing problem, to complex fraud.
Businesses are coming under increasing threat from cyber-crime, which can range from deluges of spam mail to complex fraud against companies and institutions.
And of course the 21st-century equivalent of this paper mountain is the unsolicited email, or spam mail, offering everything from cheap flights to even cheaper eastern European ski chalets.
FROM SALES PITCHES FOR "V1@GRA" TO PLEAS FOR HELP TRANSFERring funds by the son of a former leader of an African country who was killed by his enemies, our in-boxes are full of spam mail.
The reason for this improvement seems to stem from various efforts to reduce the number of spam mail [sic] that showed a sharp increase from last year.
Ian Callens, of Icomm, said: "We've seen a significant increase in the reporting of Christmas junk and spam mail, particularly e-mails offering single products and hi-tech gadgets as potential presents.
Written for computer users of all experience levels from novice to expert, How To Use The Internet To Advertise, Promote, And Market Your Business Or Web Site covers how to generate more traffic to one's site without resorting to illegal schemes like spam mail, positive branding, methods for automating one's website, creating e-zines and newsletters to generate interest, using an auto-responder, search engine optimization, how banner advertising works, and more.
Finnish-Swedish telecomms group TeliaSonera AB said on Monday (23 January) that more than one in four people at small businesses in Sweden have not been able to work on their computer at least once during the past year because of a virus attack or spam mail.