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Synonyms for mailbox

a private box for delivery of mail


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public box for deposit of mail

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In addition, because incorporating video into an email message made it too large, any messages with video in them would either not load properly or would wind up in a SPAM folder.
Read on to make sure that you are on top of the rules for avoiding the dreaded spam folder.
Without permission, these e-mails typically either hit the corporate firewall, become lost in cyberspace or go straight to the spam folder.
The message from Hannah was in the spam folder of my email account.
The aforementioned "Other" folder essentially serves as a spam folder, which is strategically hidden and often goes unchecked for long periods of time.
how to make sure your email land in your reader's inbox and not their spam folder
She says: "I check my e-mails daily and check my spam folder on a weekly basis so it doesn't clog up my memory.
Some viruses circulate by e-mail as attachments and Personal Antispam X5 detects specific types of attachments and moves messages containing them to the spam folder.
The email is moved to your new spam folder, and forwarded to Cloudmark.
The vast bulk sent to me go straight into my spam folder.
directQuarantine provides a Spam folder in Outlook that allows end-users to search for quarantined emails in real-time using the Outlook search toolbar or the blazingly fast native Windows search - no more waiting for nightly quarantine reports, logging in to a Web portal, or depending upon IT to check for and release blocked emails.
IContact helps our newsletter land in our client's email inbox, rather than in their spam folder," said Robert.