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type genus of the Spalacidae

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Only one of the 20 Spalax tested (an animal that was more than 10 years old) developed malignant tumors after exposure to one of the carcinogens.
The researchers at Haifa found that Spalax fibroblasts were efficient killers of two types of breast cancer cells and two types of lung cancer cells.
The researchers had found that genes that regulate DNA repair, the cell cycle and programmed cell death are differentially regulated in Spalax when exposed to normal, above-ground oxygen levels (21 percent oxygen) and conditions of hypoxia (3, 6 and 10 percent oxygen).
Middle ear and cochlear receptors in the subterranean mole-rat, Spalax ehrenbergi.
Adaptive differentiation of ear structures in subterranean mole-rats of the Spalax ehrenbergi Superspecies in Israel.
The remainder of this chapter describes numerous examples of chromosomal polytypism in several groups of rodents (Acomys, Gerbillus, Peromyscus, Proechimys, Rattus, Spalax, and Thomomys), bats (Rhogeesa), shrews (Sorex), and lizards (Gehyra, Phyllodactylus, and Sceloporus).
Savic & Nevo (1990), Musser & Carleton (2005) and Krystufek & Vohralik (2009) treated the family as monogeneric, including only the single genus Spalax, whereas other authors preferred to distinguish two genera, currently named Spalax Guldenstaedt, 1770 and Nannospalax Palmer, 1903 (Topachevskii 1969, Savic 1982, Savic & Soldatovic 1984, Nemeth et al.
Furthermore, Coskun described three additional taxa: Spalax nehringi tuncelicus from a site near Tunceli in eastern Anatolia (Coskun 1996a), Spalax nehringi nevoi from the vicinity of Gaziantep (Coskun 1996b) and Nannospalax munzuri from Ovacik in the Tunceli Province in eastern Anatolia (Coskun 2004a).
2012) also supported separation of the lineage Spalax from Nannospalax, the clade leucodon from xanthodon and, as mentioned earlier, differentiated a new "vasvarii" clade.
He said that the cells of the Israeli solitary blind mole rat, Spalax, which is phylogenetically closer to mice and rats than to naked mole rats, also secreted HMM-HA.
1989) demonstrated, using a similar experimental design, that the Mole Rat, Spalax ehrenberghi, communicates by seismic signals.
Yuksel & Gulkac (1992) recognized populations with the same karyotype as two distinct subspecies: those from the province of Sanliurfa east of the River Euphrates were attributted to Spalax ehrenbergi kirgisorum, while those from the Provinces Adiyaman and Gaziantep on the west bank were recognized as S.
Coskun (1996b) described a new taxon Spalax nehringi nevoi from Sarigulluk, 6 km from Gaziantep, but did not provide any karyotypic data.
urartensis 2 (2) Kordasht, Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran Spalax 1 - ehrenbergi Rhizomys 1 - pruinosus Taxon Coordinates cytb COI Accession Accession number number C.
1998a: Two new karyotypic forms of Spalax leucodon (Nordmann, 1840) (Mammalia: Rodentia) from Turkey.