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So neither the gallant captain nor his little ship were led home to the triumph of Spain.
"I should have shed tears myself," said the curate when he heard the title, "had I ordered that book to be burned, for its author was one of the famous poets of the world, not to say of Spain, and was very happy in the translation of some of Ovid's fables."
From Valencia, the homeward course will be continued, skirting along the coast of Spain. Alicant, Carthagena, Palos, and Malaga will be passed but a mile or two distant, and Gibraltar reached in about twenty-four hours.
They wanted to be taken to a Spanish port, and, if not to Cadiz, into Vigo Bay, situated on the northwest coast of Spain, and which was not blocked.
"But why don't you write about Spain?" cried Philip.
"I have other plans," answered Sir Nigel curtly; "for I have come hither to lead these bowmen to the help of the prince, our master, who may have sore need of them ere he set Pedro upon the throne of Spain. It is my purpose to start this very day for Dax upon the Adour, where he hath now pitched his camp."
Ye have chosen me as a leader, and a leader I will be if ye come with me to Spain; and I vow to you that my pennon of the five roses shall, if God give me strength and life, be ever where there is most honor to be gained.
"And yet there is much in what the Gascon says," said a swarthy fellow in a weather-stained doublet; "and I for one would rather prosper in Italy than starve in Spain."
The Philippines was a colony of Spain for almost 400 years until 1898 with Spain's defeat in the Spanish-American War.
Ambassador of Spain stressed the need of promotion of business-to-business contacts to further strengthen the mutual trade ties between Islamabad and Barcelona, saying that the Spain would make all out sincere efforts to explore the new opportunities of increasing the mutual trade between Pakistan and Spain.
London [UK], Nov 25 ( ANI ): Spain reached an agreement with the United Kingdom on Saturday over the status of Gibraltar.
Misuel Pena said that Spain has made tremendous progress in industrial sector while 90 million tourists visited Spain last year.
The delegation held meetings with Spanish counterparts and explored various areas that offered good potential for business collaboration between the private sectors of Pakistan and Spain.
The hosts hung on in extra-time to take Spain to spot-kicks and dump the 2010 winners out of the competition.