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any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat

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The beetles were raised in clear plastic containers, n [less than or equal to] 25 per container, in damp soil which consisted of a 4:2:1 mixture of field soil from the local site, peat moss (Spagnum Peat Moss, Waupaca Northwoods LLC, Waupaca, Wisconsin), and vermiculite (Vermiculite, Therm-ORock West Inc., Chandler, Arizona).
Spagnum moss is excellent for cleaning wounds and stopping bleeding while tormentil tea really helped with stomach problems.
His assumption that once the drains are blocked, every drop of water that falls on the hill will be held by spagnum moss, cleaned of acid peat, run into a burn and then quietly join the river system, is to be highly commended.
May Sept May Sept May Sept 1998 1999 1998 Sampling depth (mm) 25 to 100 100 to 200 kg [m.sup.-3] Treatments Drainage Gravity 4.5a 2.9a 9.5a 8.6a 1.6a 0.8a Water Evacuation (WE) 4.7a 3.2a 9.6a 7.3a 1.6a 0.7a WE + Air Injection 4.3a 3.1a 8.9a 8.1a 1.9a 0.7a Rootzone Amendment([dagger]) Unamended 3.3b 2.9a 9.7a 8.1a 1.2ab 0.4a Ecolite 3.8ab 3.8a 9.0a 6.6a 1.8ab 1.0a Greenschoice 5.4a 2.9a 10.6a 8.6a 1.9ab 0.9a Profile 4.8ab 2.9a 8.8a 7.6a 2.1a 1.1a Spagnum Peat 5.3ab 2.8a 8.6a 9.1a 1.3b 0.3a ANOVA Table Drainage (D) NS NS NS NS NS NS Amendment (A) (**) NS NS NS (**) (***) D x A NS NS NS NS NS NS Orthogonal Contrasts Unamended vs.