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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space


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The only thing that we ever talk about is being spacially aware of what the opposition are doing to us.
It is truly amazing and a boon for the spacially impaired which, let's admit, occasionally includes us all.
They wanted to) verify that all the planning and the documents actually look right spacially - see them in reality as opposed to just on a table diagram.
Fine spacially for two at the front, the rear pair of seats are probably best used for throwing coats at, while boot space is limited and really minimal if the roof is down and stored.
Like the earlier film, Le Polygraphe abounds in cinematic devices, although most of them are time related rather than the fluid, spacially exploratory devices of Le Confessionnal.
The values given by the gravity, probably, can be in the error range given by the method, anyway, all of them are very low, and they are spread spacially in an alleatory way.
Boekhold AE, van der Zee SEATM (1992) A scaled sorption model validated at the column scale to predict cadmium contents in a spacially variable field soil.
That "way" is the sterile way of homosexuality, and the speaker's p ath "has neither beginning nor end, but is spacially 'ceaseless,'" attesting that he must continue his trudging even after death, the multiple meanings of the repeated "still" reinforcing this contention.