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a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer space

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TOP OF THE PROPS: A Forbidden Planet gun, left, and, clockwise from top right, Indy's Holy Grail, a Star Wars TIE Fighter, an Alien and Mini-Me's spacesuit pounds 20,000; pounds 12,500; pounds 100,000; pounds 15,000; pounds 3,500; pounds 20,000
Tissue damage and suffocation killed three cosmonauts--none were wearing spacesuits.
Recently, Shashoua also finished analyzing the PVC deterioration in one of the high-tech marvels of the 20th century: Apollo era spacesuits, 12 of which made it to the moon.
It is one of 27 spacesuits created for training and test purposes between 1981 and 1991.
This special quality is what the NASA team is attempting to replicate to prevent dirt from accumulating on the surfaces of spacesuits, scientific instruments, robotic rovers, solar array panels and other hardware used to gather scientific data or carry out exploratory activities on other objects in the solar system.
Before the launch, all three smiled and looked relaxed as masked technicians checked their spacesuits.
Spacesuits were built to withstand the harsh environment of space.
Airtight spacesuits and helmets hooked up to air tanks keep scientists from inhaling the germs.
They have created polar fleece from recycled tyres, fabrics that act as deodorisers when you move and others made from spacesuits - linen-look, but wrinkle-free
Due to Earth's atmosphere, notes Seaman, the spacesuits worn during ground training can't easily simulate the stiff, highly pressurized suits that astronauts must wear during space walks.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT spacesuits as seen through a spacesuit visor (clever, eh?