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a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research

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The SpaceStation also serves as a resting pad for a laptop, tilting it forward for more comfortable typing.
Now you can use the Tonka arsenal of vehicles to outdo Bob The Builder and create a spacestation.
Information is here on the International Spacestation, shuttle countdowns, other realtime statistics (for tracking and sighting opportunities), space news and images, and audio and video clips.
After 13 years in orbit, Russia's star-crossed MIR spacestation may soon come tumbling uncontrollably back to Earth.
Yes, they do change their underwear daily, but on long spacestation missions old shorts pile up fast.
Lamar Lunar will process commercial and personal transactions for the lunar-oxygen miners, space-shipping companies, spacestation construction workers and general space traffic.
However, on one mission one of the Hood's henchmen manages to plant a tracking device on Thunderbird 1, then blows up part of spacestation Thunderbird 5 and takes over Tracy Island as the family rush to son John's aid.
You might want to keepo the following in mind before you launch your spacestation design (see p.