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the bar-shaped typewriter key that introduces spaces when used

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After reading the instructions, participants pressed the spacebar to continue.
While typing anywhere, double-tap the spacebar when you need to start a new sentence and a period and a space will be added for you.
The Application key is often to the right of the spacebar, between the Alt and Ctrl keys.
Where I once turned to indices and tables of contents, I now flip on my computer and type a few ingredients into the Google spacebar.
After responding, the participant should press the spacebar to begin the next trial.
Sharing your photos is as simple as clicking the spacebar and selecting favorites while browsing.
Participants self-paced the four segments of each paragraph by pressing the keyboard spacebar.
Participants identified the picture as soon as possible by pressing the spacebar of the keyboard trying to not make mistakes.
The experiment was run on a Pentium III 730 MHz, 128 Mb RAM multimedia PC (Dell Optiplex GX110), with the participants responding on the spacebar of the computer keyboard.
In our experience, that occasionally meant that we accidentally ended up restarting a track when we tried to use the spacebar to pause, because that button had become tab-selected.
To invoke chord commands, users must press a spacebar and braille keys simultaneously.
Internal research at Microsoft shows that more than 90 percent of people hit the spacebar with their right thumb, leaving the left side virtually untouched.
One of the key things that we're trying to solve is a problem around the use of the spacebar in typing and we call the technology 'smart space'.
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