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a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research

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The second tourist in space was Mark Shuttleworth, a South African who was launched on a Soyuz on April 25, 2002, and re-entered Earth's atmosphere on May 5, 2002, after his stay at the International Space Station.
Space Adventures' agreement with the International Space Station Partnership, which oversees the International Space Station, requires Space Adventures or its passengers to buy insurance including policies to pay for a second attempt if the first attempt fails, as well as a certain amount of life insurance.
In the next 90 days, NASA and its foreign partners in the space station program will determine the orbiting laboratory's final configuration.
At the same time, NASA will redesign itself: Clinton has directed the agency to implement internal cost-cutting measures, including a 30 percent reduction in the space station workforce.
Addressing the controversy over whether to abandon such manned activities as the shuttle and space station, the panelists say: "Our answer is a resounding 'no.
However, they do urge NASA to redesign the planned space station and slow the project's development to reduce its complexity and growing cost -- a move already ordered by Congress this fall.
Similar components have been envisioned as major structural members in NASA's planned space station, which would be largely assembled in orbit.
This time, most of the activity centered on the tower, with the astronauts' tasks representing what might someday be repair operations on a real space station.
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