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heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room

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Table 2 shows the comparison of the energy and exergy use for auxiliary components and space heating.
Other than in space heating and lighting, energy usage increased in every other category listed in the survey.
System 1 consists of a high mass, condensing water heater which provides both space heating and DHW.
Germany and Austria) is toward larger solar-combi systems that provide both DHW and space heating (with low temperature radiant floor heating systems), accounting for about half of the annual market, as well as solar-assisted multipurpose heat pump systems.
Homes that meet all these requirements except for propane-powered space heating are eligible for the $750 incentive package.
A crucial part of this reduction would come from the built environment, which accounts for more than half of Britain's carbon emissions, most of it from space heating.
Among the discussions are a discrete-time adaptive scheme for temperature control in molten salt solar collectors fields, simulating active solar space heating and domestic hot water preparation in a passive house, the solar air shutter as a new system for space heating, analyses and applications of solar evaporator-collectors, the solar collector and near earth object diversion, the importance and effect of configurational geometry in the design and application of solar collectors and concentrators, and experimental and modelling performance of a solar crop drying system with roof-integrated solar collectors.
An owner's utility bill is comprised of electricity for common areas, oil to provide space heating (uses approximately 60% of the total oil needed in a year) and oil to heat the water (uses estimated 40% of the total oil needed in a year).
With North America's first large-scale seasonal solar storage system meeting up to 90 per cent of the community's space heating needs, Drake Landing's homes emit less than half of the greenhouse gases expected from an average house.
It can then be used for domestic hot water and/or space heating.
Written by solar thermal consultant Bob Ramlow, Solar Water Heating: A Comprehensive Guide To Solar Water and Space Heating Systems is a straightforward guide to heating water with the sun in one's home for the sake of energy conservation and energy economics.
The community won the commercial section in the Thermal Energy Project category for installing a heat pump, using a nearby lake as the water source, to provide space heating to their school building and church.
It was installed in the early 80s and heated domestic hot water had fan coil units for space heating, and heated an in-ground pool.
For example, the recently proposed omnibus federal energy bill--which stalled out in the Senate last December but is likely to resurface--was slated to include a 15 percent solar residential tax credit (capped at $2,000) for the installation of photovoltaic systems that produce electricity from sunlight or solar thermal systems that produce heat for hot water and space heating.