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clouds of particles or gases occurring throughout interstellar space

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Whether you're enjoying a pared-down observing session or stargazing while waiting for a turn at the telescope, both Cometron binoculars ensure you won't get left in the next spectacular comet's space dust.
Reach for a bag of Space Dust (ask your parents kids).
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard @ The Globe, Cardiff (tonight) * IMAGINE Bob Dylan raised on a steady diet of Space Dust and Saturday morning cartoons and you're half-way to Lewis' slackerish storytelling charm.
While the game prompted Gruff to write a song inspired by the app, which you can hear as the B side to his latest single Space Dust #2, he confesses he's not the greatest proponent of technology.
Lebanese-Palestinian painter Nasser Soumi uses the universe -- more specifically space dust, nebulas and their components -- as a means, as he says in his press materials, to understand his "being and comprehend the universe.
Palate cleanser strawberry and champagne granite was a little lacking in strawberry punch for me, but the foam on top was sprinkled with mouth-popping space dust, making it fun to eat.
And then it revealed itself, crackling and fizzing in the mouth and at the back of the jaw - Space Dust.
Interstellar clouds and space dust may have blocked light from reaching Earth.
In 2004 NASA's Stardust spacecraft, orbiting the Sun since 1999, flew by Comet Wild-2 and collected a tiny cargo of space dust.
Every day 2000lbs of space dust and other debris fall on the Earth, making a total of close to 10,000 tons each year.
Stellar nebulas are large clouds of space dust, gas and the remains of dead stars.
Krugel (Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy) gives students and professionals a solid background in working with the concepts and practicalities of space dust, including considering the dielectric permeability, evaluating grain cross sections, dealing with very small and very big particles, using case studies of Mie calculus, determining the structure and composition of dust, calculating dust radiation, placing the behavior of dust within its environmental contexts, determining polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and spectral features, studying reddening and dust models and radiative transport, and recording spectral energy distribution of dusty objects.
A group of researchers said Friday that space dust particles surrounding a young star in the Painter's Easel constellation have grown to about 10 times the size of regular space dust particles, giving an important clue to the origin of planets.
Inside will be a mere 1/1000th of an ounce of space dust, a priceless cargo that scientists have waited six years to see.
From the globe-trotting dusts of the Sahara, to the carcinogens that haunt our carpets, to the space dust that sprinkles down on all of us daily, Holmes demonstrates that dust, be it ever so humble, plays an amazing role in our lives.
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