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a reusable spacecraft with wings for a controlled descent through the Earth's atmosphere

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The result was the 1974 amendment to the 1970 Memorandum of Agreement on the Space Transportation System.
Two independent manned space transportation systems exist: the American space shuttle and the Russian Soyuz rocket.
Space Transportation Systems," OTA noted that recovery from the Challenger disaster is well under way with a mixed fleet of expendable, unmanned rockets and the crewed space shuttle--which has been modified to improve its realibility.
The CCtCap contracts are designed for the companies to complete NASA certification of their human space transportation systems, including a crewed flight test with at least one NASA astronaut aboard to verify the fully integrated rocket and spacecraft system can launch from the United States, maneuver in orbit, and dock to the space station, as well as validate all its systems perform as expected.
This project aims to improve and optimize passenger space transportation system RATP.
As in building a house or other complex structure, these advancements set the stage for upcoming accomplishments on the path to a completed space transportation system.
Boeing s goal is to develop a safe and reliable commercial space transportation system and these reviews are vital to meet that goal," said Gennaro Caliendo, NASA s Integration Team lead for Boeing.
When you put humans aboard, safety and reliability are paramount and this review and the upcoming tests will help prove their space transportation system is on the right track.
Boeing is committed to providing the most innovative, safest and cost-effective commercial space transportation system to NASA and other commercial customers, and adding the capabilities of the processing facility to our portfolio plays a big part in our plans.
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