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someone who seems unable to respond appropriately to reality (as if under the influence of some narcotic drug)

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Capaldi's career included stints with The Sapphires, the Hellions, Traffic, Eric Clapton Band and Space Cadets.
Perhaps Above the World could be required 'reading', or a compensatory purchase, for the poor hopefuls of Channel Four's Space Cadets.
REALITY TV is getting more extreme as shows such as Channel Four's Space Cadets go to extraordinary lengths to create elaborate hoaxes.
With an ironic nod to TV reality show hoax Space Cadets, Alistair came on stage wearing a Star Wars-style suit.
Johnny Vaughan 'presents' Space Cadets on Channel 4
But our already strained relationship probably foundered for ever when Channel 4 announced plans for its new series Space Cadets.
PRESENTER Johnny Vaughan used various smart-alec phrases to introduce the new reality show Space Cadets (Channel 4, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
MUSIC: Space Cadets play their own brand of rock covers music at this in -vogue venue where the music is always distinctive and always live.
Space cadets with volume to spare-- they will, between the four of them, kill the LA Spook Rock and rehash.
While some may dismiss such devotees of the "Spaceship Earth" notion as mere space cadets, this thought should be kept in mind: if such people continue to amass the power that they seek, how will they treat occupants of the planetary "spaceship" unwilling to defer to their demands?
Though you can't help thinking that most of the people signed up would have to be full-on space cadets.
Suppose that's what you get when you elect space cadets to run the country.
We did get close on Space Cadets, but not physically," Keri beamed.