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A soyburger, for example, contains only three grams of fat.
"If a soyburger contains soybean protein, you have to label it," the franchisee spokesperson said.
Vegetarianism did not await the advent of soyburgers and tofurkey, nor did its opponents.
Regarding soy products, only 38% of students had ever tried soy milk, 13% had tried soybeans, but fewer than 10% had ever tried tofu (9%), soyburgers (6%), soynuts (6%), soy sauce (5%), shakes, powders or meal replacers (5%).
The four components that we used were (1) almonds, (2) soy foods (soy milk, soyburgers, and "hot dogs") (3) sticky (viscous) fiber (including oats, barley, psyllium, okra, and eggplant), and (4) a plant sterol-enriched margarine (the sterols tend to block cholesterol absorption in the gut).