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a yellow phospholipid essential for the metabolism of fats

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Finally, the liquid ingredients, the soluble fish and the oil (fish or soybean lecithin depending on the diet) were added, the mixture was again transferred to a mixing process for 20 min, at which time adding distilled water until it had an adequate consistency.
In conclusion, the medium (soybean lecithin) used for mixing AAs (methionine and or cysteine) for emulsification enhanced encapsulation capability, size, and PDI.
The croyoprotective effects of soybean lecithin on boar spermatozoa quality.
Soybean lecithin powder was purchased from Tianjin Boshuai Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Historically, it was extracted from bovine brain; soon enough, however, because of safety concerns, it was replaced by a PS form derived from soybean lecithin and rapidly became a semigeneric compound.
Instead, Cargill can offer manufacturers a single, pumpable product based on a special, enzymatically hydrolysed, liquid soybean lecithin, which eliminates the need to use pre-melted mono-diglycerides in margarine manufacture.
For example, he says, the law requires the listing of not only ingredients but also processing aids that may include allergens, such as soybean lecithin, which is used by baking companies as a stick-release agent for pans.
The company produces a dietary supplement called Alphactif, which contains such natural ingredients as stinging nettle extract, pumpkin seed oil, barage seed oil, soybean lecithin and yellow beeswax.
It is sourced from soybean lecithin, which contains phosphatidylcholine (PC).