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During the period from July-January, 2017-18 soyabean oil imports into the country grew by 82.
During the period from July-December, 2017-18, soyabean imports into the country grew by 76.
Production of oilseeds such as groundnut, soyabean and castorseed is estimated to decrease by 7.
The effect of replacement of soyabean meal with silkworm meal on haematological parameters is shown in Tables III and IV indicates the same on carcass quality.
In the first phase, which lasted for the initial two months (June-July, 2013) all fluid samples received were plated directly and after enrichment in Soyabean Casein Digest broth.
According to the farmer-activist, Fadnavis has not considered the woes of dry-land farmers who have lost at least Rs20,000 a hectare in soyabean and Rs15,000 a hectare in cotton cultivation.
Mustard seed, also known as rapeseed and canola, is the third biggest source of vegetable oil in the world after soyabean oil and palm oil.
The objectives of the study were to (i) analyse the nutritive value of the various parts of the vegetable and grain soyabean plants; (ii) assess the potential contributions of the soybean parts to soil fertility; (iii) determine the liming potential of the soyabean crop; and (iv) determine the forage potential of soybeans as livestock feeds.
Corn and soyabean prices surged to record highs last summer, surpassing the peaks of the 2007-08 crisis that sparked food riots in more than 30 countries.
Some commodities which clock decent export numbers and are available for trading on the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange ( NCDEX) and the Multi Commodity Exchange ( MCX) are soyabean, turmeric, cotton, red chilli and sugar.
The haulier, who has not been named but was in his sixties, died in hospital after suffocating under the soyabean meal at the Cargill terminal at Seaforth docks.
It was a similar case with the subsidy for a ton of soya that was reduced from SR1,485 to SR379, cotton seed from SR1,326 to SR325 and soyabean husks from SR918 to SR201.
Soyabean imports, which were 10 million tonnes 10 years ago, may reach 57 million tonnes in 2010-2011, the report said, citing a US Department of Agriculture forecast.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 25, 2010-Monsanto partners with FMC for soyabean crop protection(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.